R.E.C. Engineering
      REC Engineering prides itself on the superlative abilities and versatile experience that is enjoyed by the staff members that it employs. Our staff has over 50 years combined experience in the software field 
      Craig A. Anderson has been the focal point of REC's expertise. His experience covers a gamut of environments, ranging from business applications to embedded software. He has written extensive technical documentation from user manuals to software design documents. One of the strong points that Craig lends to the team is the interpretation of customer requirements into a man-machine interface that is both intelligent and easy to use. He has had a broad scope of real-time systems experience on a variety of microprocessors and platforms, including expertise in using a number of multi-tasking operating systems, for both medical and commercial systems. His approach to problem solving has lent itself well to diverse customer base that REC has enjoyed. 
      Wayne S. Wong has enjoyed a storied career in which his commitment to quality and customer support has been superlative. Wayne's experience in direct mail and other commercial applications has given way to his new area of expertise in the design and implementation of embedded system software. His attention to detail and testing techniques have paid dividends in REC's continued success. 
      Goran Forshager has been a contributing force to REC for some time now.  Goran provides a balance of hardware and software expertise that has been a vital asset to the diverse needs of REC's customer base.  From hardware design, to network services, to system troubleshooting, Goran's knowledge of hardware is impressive.  Goran's software skills in embedded system software and applications software combined with his other talents to provide a valuable asset for the organization.
      Barbara Martinez has been a recent provider to a current project for which REC is managing.  Her driving force and meticulous pension for fine points have proven priceless in this endeavor.  Her background in medical device software and project management have provided her with the vision to anticipate considerations that would have otherwise been overlooked.  Her talent helps to fortify the excellant staff of which REC is blessed to have.
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